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Private Rooms Burning is a look at a controlled burn that the fire department of Marion County executed near my home in 2003. I worked for them as a volunteer for about six months, but pro-discrimination practices forced me to resign early. There was not enough time to put out very many fires, but plenty of time to burn the secret rooms of discrimination that we so love to build.

I speak of my experience during the introduction of the book followed by a thorough colorful photo documentation of a typical controlled burn commonly practiced by most fire departments. Sadly, I had to resign just a few months before laws passed protecting people like myself.

Although I miss being a fire fighter, I nostalgically and fondly remember my time there as “Firefighter Stone.”


About the Author

Vincent Stone
vncstone Keizer, OR, Marion County
A veteran painter of 20 years, I have studied under several prominent artists including Kathleen Bracamontes, George Kaforus, and David Archer, each adding to his personal experience as a painter and creator of fine art. Currently he is exploring new mediums and avenues of expression in art. Once, I was a driven artist, and felt that I must create. I spent a lot of his time making art in order to satisfy my anxieties, andI have explored many mediums, but my explorations always lead me back to painting. Some of my current works include bronze, B&W photography, and assemblage installations. Take some time to visit my website at, I may be contacted there as well. I welcome your comments and opinions. Enjoy browsing through my portfolio, and I look forward to hearing from you!
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