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(Artist Book, 80 pages, 10x 8 inch/25x20 cm) COLD WAR IN A TRASH BAG is based on recently found anonymous Cold War b/w Negatives from the Ukraine. In the summer of 2010 thousands of abandoned black and white negatives were discovered in Vinnitsa, a place only 250 km away from Chernobyl. In miserable condition, the ripped and scratched and torn filmstrips obviously had been completely forgotten and left decaying through the first 20 years of the country's independence. They could be saved from disposal and taken abroad where half of them were put through a painstaking scanning process so far. The results show solarisation processes and other signs of deterioration leading to new imagery - more PoDs on the subject to follow. March 2011

burkhard von harder is a member of the ABC Artist's Books Cooperative:

please note: my books are subject to constant subtle changes - leading to a string of replaced uploads - which is especially true in the early stages - since PoD technology offers this new reality - creating the likelihood that some shortlived in-between-state-of the-art may produce rare collector items - if purchased at any such given moment. It may be advisable to flip through the volumes here and then again - i.e. there will be parallel editions. bvh


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Burkhard von Harder is a former member of the ABC Artists' Books Cooperative

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