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I decided on an “old school” approach to this series. One that has been around almost as long as photography itself – a pinhole camera.
The reasons were simple I wanted to slow down in my art and to allow the longer exposure time to revel the oceans meditate quality.
The pinhole forced me to use a tripod and find my spots with care rather than just randomly shooting the bay with out much thought as it often the case with 35mm digital or film cameras.
I waited for the light to change and the tides to begin. I carried my camera with me always keeping an eye on the water and the changing weather stopping when conditions warranted.

I chose the diptych format, because it accentuates the movement of the water – you see rocks until the tide washes over them only to be uncovered a minute or two later. The process duplicates itself repeatedly, as it has for generations – a record of the passage of time. The film’s colors are subdued through long exposures, overcast days and the pinhole’s lack of a real lens.
This series was photographed along Ocean Drive, which runs along side Corpus Christi Bay in Corpus Christi Texas.


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Reuben Njaa
rnjaa San Antonio,Texas
My name is Reuben Njaa (NAH). Norwegian. I am teaching photography at Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online. Previously I taught photography, design, and Photoshop at Texas A&M International University in Laredo, Texas for five years. I have a BS in Agriculture, BA in Art and a MFA in Studio Arts with a concentration in Photography. I was a commercial photographer for over twenty-five years. I started in New York working for a very well known fashion/portrait photographer for eight years. I moved to Minneapolis and opened my own studio. After about twelve years living there my wife and I moved back to San Antonio, Texas in order to raise our daughter as a Texan. Now days I teach and shoot those things that interest me.

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