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'Carolopolis' is the original Latin name of the City of Charleston, the rich historic and beautiful seaport city on the coast of South Carolina.

Established in the 1670's and located on a narrow peninsula bounded by two rivers, the Ashley and the Cooper, Charleston and it's harbor is protected from the Atlantic ocean by a number of barrier islands. Charleston has survived assaults from Spain and France, Pirates, the American Revolution, The Civil War, earthquakes, and hurricanes; all the time maintaining it's grace and charm as the epitome of Southern gentile culture, classic architecture, and tradition values.

Charleston is also known as 'The Holy City' because of the numerous church steeples which dot the city's low-rise skyline. Thanks to forward thinking, the city will not allow any structure to be built taller than the highest steeple.

Fortunately, Charleston was the first city in the U.S. to pass a historical preservation ordinance, safeguarding much of the beautiful architecture, from early Colonial, Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival, Victorian and Italianate periods.

The old city with its many cobblestone streets, gorgeously restored homes, beautiful parks and private gardens, and it's waterfront-harbor promenades provide unlimited photographic opportunities. The entire city is a garden in itself, lush with azaleas, magnolias, ancient live oak trees and many other types of blossoms and foliage. 

Everything is so charming and visually stimulating that one would never know the natural disasters and tribulations that Charleston has endured through it's history. One could spend an entire lifetime photographing Charleston and have a hard time running out of colorful and inspiring photographic subjects.

'Carolopolis', is a place where history lives and civic pride are still very much a part of everyday life ~ the result of the ongoing and dedicated efforts of residents and individuals working together to preserve Charleston's distinctive character and charm.

In this collection, I have concentrated on the elegant detail and rich colors of the architecture, gardens, and portals of the area. My hope is that with these images I have captured at least a bit of the ambiance and elegance of this beautiful city - I hope you enjoy the stroll ...


About the Author

René Gallet

René Gallet has been actively involved in both the art and the business of photography for over 50 years. As a self-taught photographer and visual artist, Mr. Gallet has participated in and taught numerous workshops and seminars.

René's fine art images have been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe in both solo and group gallery presentations.

René's portfolio encompasses a wide variety of subject matter, image compositions, and photographic styles, resulting in an impressive body of work, which ranges from the traditional landscape to the strongly abstract image. His striking landscapes and intimately detailed imagery demonstrate an optimal blending of artistic vision and technical control of the demanding photographic process.

Mr. Gallet’s work can be found in both private and public photographic collections and many of his images have been featured in numerous artistic, trade, and commercial magazines and publications.

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