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18 common business issues seen through a new perspective with outcomes rather than outlays in mind...worth 22 minutes of your time?

Welcome to 22 Minutes to a Better Business, a quick dip into how Behavioural Economics can be applied to common business issues, making your business a better business.

The issues explored include budget cuts, headcount freezes, loss of market share, price rises, changing your channel mix, introducing service fees, need for big change, staff productivity, pay & reward, social media, securing investment, product launches, customer data and loyalty programs.


About the Author

Bri Williams
PeoplePat Melbourne, Australia
A CPA with a degree in Applied Psychology, Bri works as a product marketer and is always exploring ways of demonstrating how Behavioural Economics can help businesses of all sizes. Visit Bri at, follow Bri @ Peoplepatterns or email

Comments (3)


jtimed says

This short 40-page booklet provides a clear overview of behavioural economics. It will be especially useful for the busy executive who has heard of behavioural economics and is wondering how they can use it in their business. They can quickly turn to an issue they are dealing with, and read about some key principles with real-life examples.

I did wonder whether this book is too short. However, it does exactly what it says on the cover, which is to provide a quick dip into the subject to help people tackle everyday business issues. There is a list of references at the end for anyone who wants to learn more.

It may have been helpful to include a list of the 30 or so behavioural economics principles that are covered. However this would have eliminated the 'pick me up and read me' focus, making the book much longer. The booklet includes lots of principles in a very applied and concise manner, covering 2-5 principles for each business issue. .

So the only real criticism I have is that some pictures would be nice! In short, if you have 22 minutes to spare, pick up and read this booklet.

posted at 02:46am Nov 13 PST


ideabank says

A fantastic introduction to behavioural economics with many real world examples and easy to follow format. The concepts are presented in bite sizes, so I was able to get a handle on the ideas very fast and apply to our own business. I have already applied two of the suggested techniques in our next marketing campaign. A great addition to my business bookshelf!

posted at 08:12pm Nov 09 PST


BrimSteve says

This is a clear and concise "how to" book to increase profit and/or customer satisfaction levels. Well worth the small investment in $ and minutes. Read it!

posted at 11:05pm Jul 20 PST

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