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Flip for Good can help you.

It is a change philosophy that unlocks positive change; making it real and continuous.

Everyone holds the power for positive change; to flip from their current to an ideal state.

For individuals it means looking at your true motivation in life, making sure you:

o Set a course for change which is fuelled by purpose
o Avoid the pressure to duck out of change
o Be bold, have ideas, love feedback and always be yourself first
o Take responsibility for all of your actions
o Remember whiners aren’t winners
o Don’t burn out

For organisations, you’ll see how synergising your aims with your employees’ real selves will deliver engagement and success (and yes, the CFO could measure it). You will need to be bold, move away from what looks good on paper to what sounds good to people.

Raise the periscope above vapid practices and be truly innovative.


About the Author

Garu the Wise
GarutheWise Wellingborough

GarutheWise is the founder and Creative Director of Frosty Mangos.

A Clan of Compelling Artists who believe all art and industry should benefit the human condition.

Garu believes that, the real scrawl people leave when they're gone is the impression they left on people. How you do what you do is all that counts, not the end product.

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