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This is the first volume of a two volume set. This book contains the collection of approximately 70 small scale watercolors Raymond produced between 1972 and 1980.

To fully appreciate my effort in producing the book, keep in mind that some of the watercolors were only 1.5" x 3" in size, had color fading / shifting and substantial paper yellowing from decades of storage in a non-archival environment. Each of the 70+ images required restoration. As well, each image had to be individually scaled for printing.

It was very important to Raymond that his fine art be collected, cataloged and printed before his death. He wanted his fine art legacy to be easily accessible to Rhys.

After hours and hours of work including a couple of days with no sleep, I was able to present Raymond with an artist's proof in late April 2011. Of course he had several, meaning many, small changes he wanted made.

Unfortunately, Raymond died before he could see those changes reflected in their final form. But he was so so happy that a project he'd wanted to do for 30+ years was 99% of the way there.

What a joy to help a dear friend who was dying reach a special personal goal.


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