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Cidona, an isolated village buried deep within the Mysian Mountains, has long been a diseased hotbed of greed, violence, and corruption. It took the dreams and determination of Darius to turn Cidona into the kind of city its inhabitants could be proud of. With the help of the brilliant Mason and the Phantoms, a platoon of powerful knights, Darius turned Cidona into a true utopia.

But then a mysterious tribe appeared, threatening Cidona's peaceful existence. Fierce warriors deadly enough to challenge even the mighty Phantoms, a resolution won't be found without bloodshed and sacrifice . . .

Ensemble is the brainchild of Ian Kinsey and Jesse Martinez, founders of SemiFormal Studios. With a timeline spanning 400 years, the Legend of Cidona, created by Anthony Stefanich, chronicles the trials and tribulations of each Cidonan Justice. Volume One follows the reign of Darius, the first and most beloved leader in the history of Cidona. Stay tuned for the next heart-pounding installment.


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