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When we are sleeping a lot of interesting things happen, it seems that plants are no longer growing but they do, buildings get a different atmosphere, the street changes and so do the people in the streets.

This book is a short story on my own personal life. Society considers nature to be natural, but isn't nature unnatural because it is beyond are grasp. Is our limited brain capable of defining whether others are unnatural?

Another theme in my work is how we as people divide the world in nature and the environment we create ourselves. How do we live in that environment, do we create it and use it in the right way?


About the Author

Henri Blommers
henriblommer Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Through photography I create a new world, a world of fantasy but at the same time a world of reality. The contrast in my work lies in my esthethics and the roughness at the same time by mixing portraits with landscapes for example. A constant theme in my work is identity and how it is formed, how it is enhanced or softened by whatever factor that may influence it

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