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We were at a grassroots mobilization on peace keeping- so what was she doing there? The widow of the slain rebel leader who started this whole mess. And yet- there she sat, in sunshine yellow, her simple poise demanding of attention. Her melodic voice speaking of peace. My brain reeled with questions. How did she bridge the gap between her dark past and the uncertain future? How do any of these victims or perpetrators? She must have seen the smoke coming from my ears. After 3 days of community building she walked right up to me and said “Let’s Talk.”

These are the stories and images of my experience living with one of the most infamous families in Kenya. As well as the calls for forgiveness from those most scarred.


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Apryl Blakeney
ablakeney Asheville, North Carolina, USA

"If you wish to define me, ask me not where I am from or what I like to eat -- but ask me what I am living for--in detail-- and ask me what is keeping me from fulfilling that purpose completely."

It is my hope that when you open this book, who I am, and what I am living for will become apparent.

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BBmama says

A sad bite of history all too common in so many countries. Confusing and frustrating for it's people. Reminiscent of our American Indians. Humanity hasn't learned much. Poignant pictures. Courageous of Ms. Blakeney. L.McSwain

posted at 06:45pm Aug 11 PST


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