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The original purpose of this book was to be a helpful guide to the Otto Ege Medieval Manuscript Collection housed in Special Collections at the University of Saskatchewan Library. It is hoped that faculty, students, researchers and the general public will benefit from examining the high resolution images of these pages as well as the high magnification imagery of minute details that can be easily missed on an initial examination of the originals. Included are short essays from several faculty members as well as from students who have worked to create an exhibit of the manuscripts.
As well, other institutions with similar Ege manuscript collections may want to reference a similar collection to their own for comparison. Collectors interested in Otto Ege's manuscript project may also be interested in seeing a collection shown in large detail.


About the Author

David Bindle

David's research interest involves Special Collections Librarianship; specifically, in how digital technologies and communication tools are transforming the former methodologies in which libraries can pursue and develop their Special Collections and Archives. As well as developing new collection strategies, David is also involved in making "hidden-collections" discoverable through digitization and publishing initiatives. Combining his interest in photography with his research interests, he continues to publish unique subject specific books as a way of disseminating rare and unique manuscripts and collections.

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