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While there are many components to cause & effect, wrought by events and technology on the 21st century, the two I see as most impactful are: an increased pace of life and living, and an exponentially diminished space of time between decisions made and their consequences, the result being a necessity to develop abilities at making correct decisions the first time around. Neither have geographic borders, which lend themselves to the saying: ‘If America coughs, the rest of the world will have a cold.’ The many hot questions (see cover type design) of the day, are ones as relevant to a super-power as to inhabitants of the Soloman Islands. Tipping points are well within view, as we grapple with such topics of: social, ecologic, political, financial, and frankly survival itself, on a planet that desperately speak to us in a voice of going beyond conventions of lip-service oft given such issues.

In the works of ‘Sinergi3s of Confluence’ (SinCon), visuality is a constant, as are its’ relevance to a narrative, all informed by the world as it is, and possibilities of a world I see in the internal workings of self. Not a process of complexity, but one of simplicity, that of conversation. As a thirty plus year resident of the East Village-N.Y.C., this series is borne of a response to the events of 9/11, and reflect subject matter associated with those events - structures of sky, and the man made (usually architecture). The SinCon process embrace techniques of duplication and selective cropping in metting out visual results.

At this juncture. the viewer is crucial in the visual mediation between the formal and narrative contents, through a personal set of perceptions brought to the visual experience. While the import of said issues are germane to these acts, like life itself, some of them are result of a serendipitous sense of play, or humor. The harsh edge of the most despairing of times are oft softened by the smiles we encounter along the way. Ideas of universality, in context to a world of nations, have never held such relevance in a world of disappearing human frontiers. Perhaps the greatest transformations lying ahead are within a vocabulary of perceptions (i.e. frontiers of the mind): of self, neighbor, and Earth. Should just one fleeting thought within this milieu be had while viewing, then objectives of this volume are a degree closer to intent.


About the Author

Sam Smith
samfoto N.Y.C., NY (USA)

I began in Baltimore, MD Dec. of 45 where I received a BFA @ the Maryland Institute Coll. of Art (70). From the youthful moment I felt graphite transfer to the paper surface, I was hooked…a life of visual pursuit was immanent.

Either as a visualist, or a human, most solutions are as near as that which may be touched, this idea play centrally in ways of: thinking, seeing, and doing. A journey between the mirage of dreams, and the world as it is, the virtual/actual – Nature/humanity, such contrasts are germain to these visual acts. Each have direct relation to one another, particularly to issues of possibility, and the evolving me, all works in progress. If lucky, such expressions will be the connective tissue of mediation between the, at times blurred lines of the virtual/actual,…a visual endowment in a future beyond self.

Publish Date  June 26, 2011

Dimensions  Standard Landscape  80 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Fine Art Photography

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