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This book features distinct bodies of work taken within Burma, Cambodia, China, Laos, and Tibet covering the photographic genres of documentary, fine art, and reportage.

A fundamental aspect of my photographic approach is to target specific themes within which I absorb myself with the intention of capturing only one or two images with condensed meaning or narratives which are representative as a whole of the things I’m seeking to explore and the messages I’m ultimately trying to convey. Through this approach I of course inevitably produce far more material than I would normally release.

This book is therefore mostly a collection of broader bodies of work around subjects that interest me including war, religion, and culture, only small elements of which ordinarily see the light of day.


About the Author

Craig Ritchie
craig_r London, UK

A graduate of the University of the Arts, London, where I obtained an MA in Photography, I embark upon long-term solo projects requiring extended periods in the field often working under tough physical and culinary conditions.

Ranging across fine art, portraiture, still life, documentary, landscape, and observational street photography I am particularly interested in high altitude cultural landscapes and neo-tropical forested areas.

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