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Franco Esteve's Devils Within is an exploration within that spatial interaction that occurs within our lungs, alive, between body and nature, between the smoke and the cell. Its visions look for those demons that exist within us, within ourselves, within the smoker. Each person has their own interpretation, their own understanding, their own vision of that which exists within. In many ways, the images serve as a rorschach test of sorts, and though many see the things which I understood are there, others see their own visions, their own thoughts, their own demons and emotions. It's real. It's there… inside the smoker.

The book utilizes anaglyph stereo images to better convey the message of its photos, and though it's recommended to have glasses available to fully experience the depth of that within the smoke, they are certainly not a requisite (The 2D versions of the photographs are also included). If you need glasses (red and cyan), you can get them from Amazon (USA) here:
And from Amazon (UK) here:

I sincerely hope you enjoy the photography collection included within this book, and I hope to see you at an exhibit. Stay up to date about this and my other projects by visiting my blog at: or my website at:
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Thank you and Enjoy! :)

***Note: People are often surprised to learn that the images in this book and collection are actual photographs and not created through other means or doctored to create the shapes and forms (except to create the 3D window depth effect in the 3D versions, of course). They are as I saw them through the lens, but I certify that no demons were harmed during their capture. :)


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Franco Esteve
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Born in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, Franco Esteve is as varied as they come. His multicultural upbringing throughout the United States and Europe led to his adoption of the concept of everywhere and nowhere for his views of life, origin, and culture. The same has applied to his professional life as well, covering a multitude of disciplines, feeding his thirst for knowledge and expression. Photography has been a stalwart passion throughout his life, and you can often see him walking around town with camera in hand, capturing his particular view of living through the lens. Be sure to keep up with Franco Esteve: Website: Blog: Twitter: You can buy prints and merchandise from Franco Esteve: Prints: T-shirts and gifts:

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