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As a photographer, I have many varied interests. The craft of photography and learning all of its many aspects can be a life long journey. What I most enjoy about photography is meeting interesting people, and I trying to find beauty in everything I see. Photography has taken me to different places, and allowed me to see things from a different perspective. I do not consider myself a great photographer, just a documenter of the world around me. In the art of photography you can become a spectator or a director. I have interest in how French people pore their hearts into ferias and bullfighting. I am painfully aware that this subject is highly controversial and that this is considered by many a cruel blood sport. I also am not an expert in the complicated world of bullfighting. As I stated, I am merely a documenter of what I have seen. I have tried to show what happens from my perspective and to high light the art involved in bullfighting in the Aquitaine Region of France.


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Blanding Productions is located at 2516 Blanding Avenue, Alameda, California, 94501. I am a photographer with many years of experience. I photograph events, portraits, products, and wildlife. My studio is located in Bridgehead Studio, an artists building. You can contact me via email at:

Luis A. Solorzano

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