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All the poetry comes from my art, I find as I draw or sculpt a piece of work words attach them selves to a subject.
So some times I write these words down not as explanations of how or why a piece was crated but more of the lyrics that go with the music
For me it gives feeling and identity to my work.

I very rarely put the poetry with the art work as I think that when someone looks at a painting or reads a pieces of poetry then the thoughts they have are truly their Own new creation of a memory or activated a new processes of thinking.

Why do we speak?
This is something that has provoked a lot of thought in me.
Has sparked some quite deep thought
So how to put this thought to paper?
When I started thinking, I realized that speaking, cannot be just summed up by the word communication, with a word spoken, a feeling from your self or to another person is created, and body language comes in to play. If we can only hear a voice but not see the person then the brain will start to form a picture for us.

Speaking provokes all sorts of feeling love laughter sadness pain hatred feelings of confusion, and apprehension, feeling of joy and happiness.
Speaking is used to control others by fear and used to help in the building of confidence, speaking is used to share the inner thoughts in one to another in poetry in stories. When reading a book we imagine the storyteller speaking to us we do not just read the story we hear it.
Therefore, do we think our thought or do we speak the thoughts in side our self-do we hear a voice?


About the Author

Paula Cattermole

Paula, mum to five children has always loved art and this comes in many ways. From poetry writing, taking photographs, drawing, painting, to creating stories, she enjoyed times with her children making creation from paper mache and painting them. you can always find a pencil in her house and plenty of paper.
Hello I am Paula, and I have been telling my story’s for many year’s to my own children, now that they have enjoyed them and grown up they think that the stories that I told them when they were young should be written for other children to enjoy,
I have finally given in to them
I love living here in Devon; it gives the best tool in the world for inspiration.
With a wealth of artist there is a host of stimulation for the human mind to creative thought or to the making of art. Poetry with the literacy works being written in verse there is a host of great beauty, emotional sincerity and intensity of profound insight.

Publish Date  July 14, 2011

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