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If it wasn't photographed it didn't happen.
We live in an age where even when we are alone, we are never alone. We faithfully upload our own image to the internet to join the billions of other images in limbo there, we pray at the altar of the camera. Somehow though, within all this contact, it is easy to feel alone. Our attention spans are short; the second something catches our eye we begin to tire of it, it loses value. The day after a holiday all the holiday candy immediately goes on sale. Moments of true intimacy are as fleeting as the youth of the subjects photographed in this book. Love should be as celebrated as beauty. Both fade anyway.
Still, when you're walking down a New York City street and the night is young, it's easy to feel infinite.


About the Author

Eddy Segal is an artist, photographer, and performer whose work has been displayed in many New York City galleries including the legendary Chelsea Hotel. Raised on a horse farm in the Poconos, she ran away to NYC at 18 and was happily immersed in its decadent underbelly. Eddy graduated from Fordham University Lincoln Center with majors in Anthropology and Visual Art. When she's not in a darkroom or singing before a dimly lit dance floor, she is boarding a flight or doing prison-style tattoos in her murphy bed.

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