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"Vaudeville" is the result of several months of work by photographers Bryan Lowe and Jocelen Janon.

Bryan and Jocelen have started a collaborative work under the name 'Light Traffic'.
The idea is to follow a number of New Zealanders in what they do, from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Thanks to Nat Hugill we were able to follow members of the Lilly Loca's Vaudeville Cabaret's cast.

Born in France in the 15th century 'Vaudeville' had many changes through its history.
Started as drinking songs, often on the naughty side, it evoluted into singing theatre scenes in the 17th century.
The Theatre du Vaudeville was created in Paris in 1792.
The Vaudeville theatre presented light comedies based on qui pro quos and burlesque situations. It had a huge success in Paris with authors Georges Courteline, Georges Feydeau and Eugène Labiche, which plays are still shown nowadays in Paris.

In the 1880s the Vaudeville genre appeared in the USA and Canada after a major change: adopted by most variety theatres it became what we know now as the Music-Hall genre.

Lilly Loca's Vaudeville Cabaret is possibly the finest representant of this long tradition.

Bryan Lowe, Jocelen Janon,

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About the Author

Jocelen Janon

Jocelen Janon is a documentary and portrait photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Jocelen is also working with Bryan Lowe as part of Light>Traffic.

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