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ISBN 978-0-9838521-7-9

Elements Theory’s & Story’s is a collection of theories, philosophies and short stories. The theories in this book embrace; Unification, Tetrahedrons and String Theory, Analyzing, Dyslectic Condition Concept, A Divided Mind with Schizophrenia, The Contrary & Complimentary, Theory of God and Our Universe a theory of dimensions.

Elements Theory’s & Story’s are theories and short stories, fables written in poetry of collection from the Elements series and the A Runic Tale series books; a book to please and stimulate a methodical, psychological, philosophical, and science mind.


About the Author

Benford Moore
mooreusa Albuquerque, NM, USA
Books from the Elements series: Elements, the Origin, of Essence and E=MC² are available online by invitation. Also from the Elements series: Eccere, Collectionis and the Theory’s & Story’s book are available without an invitation online. After a book purchase! Please notify me at if I’m not notified about your purchase I may not receive any book sale commission.

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Elements Collectionis - Poetry pocket and trade book
Published January 28, 2010
Elements Eccere - Poetry pocket and trade book
Published January 23, 2010

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