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My name is Thierry. I feel my story represents all of those
individuals who have given way to their passions and adventures,
and who have had the courage to change direction mid stream
in search of a more fulfilling life.
I have had two significant discoveries that have altered my course
- kitesurfing and the wonderful island of Anguilla, an unobtrusive
island resting in the Caribbean.
Through my kitesurfing, I've discovered many countries and
many friends, some who have become the nearest and dearest to
my heart.
However my greater passion, even more important than my love
of kiting, has been my personal discovery of this lost paradise in
the Caribbean.
It was in 2000, when I was tired of my life as an entrepreneur
in Paris. I saw a limited future in a country, plagued, at the time,
by ignorance and hypocrisy. It was this reason that I decided to
embark on my very own world tour.
Through random travel forums, I discovered the island of Anguilla,
where kitesurfing, the sport that I had come to know and love,
was non existent.
So now it was time. I had to choose my first destination for this
round-the-world tour, so it was only natural that Anguilla would be
my starting point.
I arrived in December of 2002 for two glorious weeks. I returned
again in September of 2003. To me, I'd hit the jack pot - I'd found
paradise and had no intentions of leaving.
For three years, with Anguilla as my base, I traveled often for
my photos and for my sport. Honing my skills and passing a great
deal of time in airports, my heart remained on my tiny island and
it would be there that I would take in my last breath.
Unpretentious, I wanted to share with you the unconditional love
I have for this unique island. With energy so pure and filled with
such a gracious community, Anguilla has proven to be an ideal
home for me.
I have not put captions on my photos. The interpretation is for
you to discover...the beaches, the little corners of paradise and the
people of this wonderful little country. I made a deliberate decision
not to reveal their identities, as I wanted to protect their souls from
I hope you enjoy browsing these images, as I have enjoyed
capturing the moments on camera every time I come home.
Take care of yourself and carpe diem! Thierry Dehove


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Thierry Dehove
thierrydehov The Valley, Anguilla BWI

Publish Date  July 22, 2011

Dimensions  Standard Landscape  80 pgs   Standard Paper

Category  Arts & Photography

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thierrydehov says

Thanks so much Rick for your kinds words

posted at 08:22am Aug 16 PST


rholub says

I have previewed the pages of this book and they are awe-inspiring. As Thierry says he discovered the island of Anguilla, I too have found the limitless beauty in such a small island. Thierry's pictures capture the essence and soul of Anguilla. This will make a great book to take out on a cold winter's night and let the warmth of the pictures take you there.

posted at 12:38pm Aug 15 PST

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