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In this, my first book, you'll find a cross-section of the many styles I've worked in over the past 30 years as an artist. Paintings, collages, acrylics, enamels, watercolors....well you get the picture.

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The price is set to the minimum allowed....I'm not making any money on this- just want you to get a glimpse of what I do.

Thanks and peace...... Rick

From the Back Cover:

The title “The Great Unknown” does not allude to the fact that I think I am great or completely unknown, rather it is a play on words and an analogy about when a young artist begins his career, he has no guarantees. Unlike other jobs, there are no salaries, vacations or stepped promotions. For an artist, it's akin to jumping out of an airplane; some plummet to their end, others, their parachute having opened land soundly, while some continue to float, and where they land is up to chance. I am of this category. Where I land... is the Great Unknown. –RRV

R.R. VAGNINI'S work is the fusion of form and color. Neither component consistently prevails, just as neither is stereotypically sacrificed to the other. His vision balances both elements.
His paintings ask only the favor of a single request – please open your mind's eye to full aperture. -Leo Boeckl

I urge you to allow the works depicted to have their way with you.
Look, enjoy, learn. -Step Tyner


About the Author

cozy California Central Coast
I've been a painter, collagist and artist for over 35 years now.

Comments (5)


gvickers58 says

and to think I knew him when he was finger painting with dinosaur dooty!
Your art rocks, Vercotti!

posted at 03:24pm Aug 07 PST


cathyblue says

Beautiful - love it!

posted at 10:35am Sep 26 PST


cathyblue says

beautiful love it!

posted at 10:34am Sep 26 PST


chachaortaga says

This book is so inspiring and remarkable. The work is powerful, ironic, whimsical and beautiful. The images are of very high quality. Rick's sense of color strikes a deep chord within. The book is outstanding, amazing and well worth the price. A book I'll be looking at again and again. Strongly recommend!

posted at 05:42am Sep 15 PST


cozy says

Christin can't wait to get her book!!!

posted at 06:07pm Aug 03 PST


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