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My favorite quotation comes from author Neil Gaiman: "You get what anyone gets. You get a lifetime." We have a finite number of heartbeats, and we never know when ours will run out. This book chronicles my three months of adventures in Athens, Greece. I taught 26 college students in a study abroad program, and I traveled throughout Greece and Egypt. The story will take you on a climb up to the Acropolis to see the Parthenon, and on a camel ride around the Great Pyramids. We saw art in world-class museums, we walked in the footsteps of Socrates and Saint Paul, we visited some of the most amazing ancient monuments on the planet, we learned about Greek and Egyptian culture, history, archaeology, language, and food, and we took hundreds of gorgeous photographs. Come read about our trips to Crete, Aegina, Hydra, Corinth, Delphi, Olympia, and Cairo. What a way to spend my sabbatical leave. Just about the best use of heartbeats I could imagine. v.7


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Alena Ruggerio
Tiara316 Oregon, USA

Alena Amato Ruggerio, Ph.D., is professor of communication at Southern Oregon University. She lives in Oregon with her husband Bradley, three astonishingly adorable cats, and her collection of rhinestone tiaras.

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