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May 18, 2008

the misfit bunny

There are three things that I must always carry with me: a camera, a crochet hook, and a ball of yarn. Individually, each one seems insignificant; however, combined they create whimsical stories. The subjects of my stories are often handmade and hold just as much importance within the project as the photography itself. My stories reveal the secret life that toys live when humans are not present. Each photograph is taken in an everyday atmosphere, giving each image a very slice-of-life feel that allows me to explore how the subject interacts with its environment.

The Misfit Bunny is a heart-warming story about a bunny born from a crochet hook and a ball of yarn that just does not fit in with the other toys. The other toys are content living life within apartment walls, but they are unwilling to share that life with the Misfit Bunny. What will the Misfit Bunny do? Where will he go? Will he eventually learn to accept himself?

And so, in a tiny little apartment, in a tiny little town, on a tiny little shelf… the story of the Misfit Bunny begins…

Sharleen Morco

This book contains eighteen original digital color images, photographed with a Canon EOS 20D. All content within the book is Copyright © 2008 Sharleen Morco. All rights reserved.

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About the Author

Sharleen Morco
mmmfruit California, USA
Lover of all that is cute.

Comments (2)


dmorco says

Did I like it? I love it ! Sharleen is very creative.

posted at 08:43pm Aug 02 PST


jacquemo says

I absolutely love this! great stuff Sharleen.

posted at 09:48am Jul 24 PST


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