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Life in the field for a year, with Alpha Company 4/31st Infantry, Vietnam 1970

This is a first draft or artist proof.


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James Logue
loguey Osteen, FL

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loguey says

that is an amazing story, that August 69 battle was really something. i arrived in Nam in Oct of 69. I know you will enjoy the book. I cant believe that someone found your dog tag and returned it..

posted at 05:49am Aug 06 PST


namdogtag says

Hi James......I was a SP4 serving with HHC / D Co on LZ West and Hiep Duc from September 1968 and left in October 1969....Two friends and I built bunker #21 on the north slope of LZ West in Sept/Oct 68....Did slot of sweeps down LZ West a lot being an RTO....July 1968 things were heating up on LZ West ...we were hit pretty good by NVA sappers the early morning hours in Bunker 21 on August 12, 1969....I got to get a copy of your book....I have some pictures of LZ West....I lost my dog tags at the bade of LZ West in Aug 69 during an NVA mortor attack and my lost my of my dog tags was recovered in Vietnam in 2006 and it was returned to me....welcome home bro!!!

posted at 10:24pm Aug 05 PST

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