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This book is a journey into the world of ruin—
exemplified by beautiful raw textures, stunning contrast, and
thought provoking lines and shapes.

We often take much for granted in this world, especially
the most simple of things. I would like you all to enjoy the
pictures in this book as they are, simple neglected objects.
Then when you are done, revisit the pictures as fine art—
worth all your attention to detail. Admire the striking lines,
shapes, and visual interest each one contains.


About the Author

Patrick Walker
Darkermist Texas
Patrick-David Walker was born in Schwäbisch Hall Germany in September 1986. Shortly after, his parents moved to the United States where he was raised in Texas. Having a talent for drawing and painting, ever since he was a child, it came as no surprise that he dreamed of being an artist. In late 2005, Patrick expanded his horizons from traditional art forms to include photography. He found an old film camera one day, sitting on the street and waiting for an owner; since that moment, he has had an interest and desire to understand photography in all its complexities. Viewing photography as the purest and most challenging medium to which fine art could be made. He has been said to possess a natural ability to photograph not only beauty but to also capture a sense of balance and mood with his camera—no different than a painter with his brushes or a sculptor with his hands. He approaches photography with energy, a focused mind, and raw, vivid imagination.

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