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This book is a compilation of images taken in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania and its neighboring counties. Many of the photos in this collection were taken within ten miles of the author's home, in beautiful Powell's Valley, which may be seen from the ridgeline where the Appalachian Trail crosses the central part of Pennsylvania. Others are taken around Harrisburg, or in neighboring counties.

A full preview of all the images included in this collection - including cover art and bios, may be viewed here:

These photos are a window into my world - some of the many things which interest me. I have tried to capture some of the "feel" of life in Pennsylvania brings. The volume is broken into seven sections which depict much of the life of Central Pennsylvania.

As an added bonus, I have included a handful of oil paintings by my friend Karen Oudeman, of Gouda, in The Netherlands, which were inspired by the photos that accompany them.

The sections of "A Window to My World"

The Church. Images of St. Paul Lutheran Church, in Enterline PA.

Farmscapes. Depicting farms and barns in Central Pennsylvania.

Country Living. An "anything goes" section, showing covered bridges, wooden ferryboats, even weather phenomenon like lightning and sunsets.

Waterscapes. The beautiful Susquehanna River and a few of its tributaries.

Wildlife. Some of the area wildlife, from deer to insects.

Plantlife. Various images of trees, flowers, and other floura.

Harrisburg. Photographs taken of and around Harrisburg PA.


About the Author

James Wheeler
arkansawyer Halifax, PA, USA

I view the photographic works of others with mixed feelings. Sometimes people’s work blows me away – they are extremelyawesome. In the beginning, this daunted me, because I thought – how can I ever do THAT? But over time, I’ve watched others for inspiration and tried new things, and I may not be the best photographer out there, but... I like what I do.

The photos I publish tend to be ‘natural’ – NOT manipulations. I like to try and find perfect shots of my world, and rarely do I find them. Sometimes, I am my own worst critic – I may discard a hundred, two hundred shots, and post only one. But at the end of the day, I know that the works I have uploaded represent my view of the world around me.

I regret that I cannot share the rest of this world with you. Photos are good, but you miss out on the damp, chill morning air pressing on the skin, the musky scent of the farmland, freshly plowed, the sounds in the distance of a calf mooing, a dog barking. Still, here is what I can share.

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jiggygoodin says

Having been a resident of the area depicted in this book for most of my life, I was stunned to see such lovely pictures. Not only was there the thrill of discovery (Hey, I know that place!); but there was also the appreciation for natural artwork at it's best. The scenery is beautiful, and the artist's work is elegant. A feast for the eyes as well as the soul.

posted at 06:58am Mar 19 PST


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