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Inspiring, exciting fresh new approach to natural fitness and vitality. Author Heather Bond is a bodyguide and she helps people find their place in nature and in their bodies and calm their minds.

Heather guides you gently around the great outdoors and gives you perspective and gentle guidance to find the very best of you. She shows you how to find those special places.....outdoors and in your brain to bring peace, enjoyment and more energy to your life.
Patty DeDominic, Coach to High Achievers


About the Author

Heather Bond
pauge33 Santa Barbara, California USA
My name is Heather Bond. I am the founder and owner of Healing Adventure Retreats. Healing Adventure Retreats is a health and fitness retreat designed for women to step away from their busy lives and recharge their batteries, reduce stress and have fun adventures.

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pauge33 says

Wow, how exciting this all is. Life is an amazing journey and it's up to us to create the best possible one. Passion is the driving force to unlimited potential. Passion is in the book.

posted at 09:55pm Aug 16 PST


Parolauschi says

Heather, this really turned me on and got me very excitied. You words are insperational, your energy is explosive! You are very in touch with our needs of today. Looking forward to one of your retreats! Thank you!!

posted at 07:26pm Aug 16 PST


pauge33 says

I just love this book! Colorful and spiritual, Heather gives you a great idea of what one of her nature retreats will be like. She has traveled the world and she knows what balance and stress is like and she shows you how to live a stronger more interesting stressfree life!

posted at 06:11am Aug 16 PST


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