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68 pages, full color.

Join Star Wars fan Brady Walters on a cross-country trip through the North African nation of Tunisia, stopping along the way to explore the many film locations used in the saga. Through a series of stunning photographs and informative insider tips, visit the beautiful island of Djerba (site of the "Mos Eisley Cantina"), spend a night underground at "Luke Skywalker's home" in Matmata, glide across the Chott el-Jerid salt flat desert and journey to the completely in-tact city of "Mos Espa." And that's just for starters! Pack your bags, and prepare to lift-off for the real Tataouine that inspired a generation!


About the Author

Brady Walters
BRADY_arts Santa Monica, CA

One-half of the travel blogging duo "Set of Drifters," author Brady Walters is also a multimedia artist. Self-taught at an early age (with a little help from his painter father), Walters cannot remember a time in his life when he was not doodling or scribbling on some random piece of paper! In 2004, Walters was afforded added exposure when seven of his paintings were published in two separate art books. This soon led to other commissioned painting and drawing opportunities for various periodicals.

At present, the author is writing his first novel (a self-described "Sci-Fi soap opera"), and is busy compiling the catalogue for "PAST LIVES," Walters's multimedia project that marries together the various histories revealed in make believe "hypnotherapy regression sessions."

The author lives in Santa Monica, CA with his "Set of Drifters" partner-in-crime Doug Stoddard and their korat cat "Grovey Pinesash."

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TAYP says

Lovely book... please check out what a Tunisian American Diaspora association just published...
The Many Facets of Tunisia - A Photo Essay

posted at 09:02am Dec 15 PST


JM2000 says

Just received mine today !

Beautiful pictures indeed.
The pages are filled with sunlight and wind, Brady Walters' texts are evocative and informative, and the printing quality is top notch.

The only problem with Blurb is that you can't have your book autographed, which means I'll have to bring mine along next time I'll be in L.A... But that's ok : It's also light.


posted at 06:23am Sep 09 PST


hightrainman says

I loved your book as it brings back so many memories. Brady I would like to refer you and your avid readers to my books on Tunisia, namely:
"Sand in my Shoes" and "Appointment in DOUZ"
Both are on my site

Best regards
Jon Grainge

posted at 10:37am Aug 23 PST


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