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This is a collection of some of the noted surrealist sculptor Claudia Cohen.

Claudia Cohen Studios
Like beauty, truth lies in the eye of the beholder – and in the mind of the artist. The bronze and ceramic creations of sculptor Claudia Cohen are not realistic in any strict sense of the term, but they are precise renditions of her imagination, engaging articulations of the ruminations of her subconscious.

Take, for example, the comic surrealism of “Screwball,” a bust of a man with a corkscrew for a nose, which Cohen describes as “a happy bronze testosterone monument." Or consider the trickery of “Doubletake,” a literally trompe l’oeil allusion to the artist’s challenged eyesight, to her double vision– and to the viewer’s inevitable reaction to the piece. Perhaps her most totemic creation is “Making Magic,” an interpretation of the Fool figure of the Tarot cards. Representing synthesis, searching with both mind and heart, he also tells truth to power – just as genuine artists do. Among them, count
Claudia Cohen.
480 Gate Five Road Studio 261-C,

Sausalito, 415-332-1077,

Art & Antiques Magazine, July 2007


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Claudia Cohen
claudiacohen Sausalito, CA
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