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New neighbors might suggest a journey of Coco Martin through out American cities in the last decade. But this colorful notebook, instead of recording different landscapes and open spaces visited, opportunely depict people he met along his way, to create a special or fleeting contact with.

These subjects absorbed, portrayed in their intimacy and full of belongings, reveals the nature of the shoot as a film set-up, willing to tell a story that –not by chance- is very similar to the photographer’s story or maybe something he wishes secretly. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that portraying this "people passing through" Coco Martin tells us something else about himself.

I feel some melancholy or bitterness which is particularly condensed in the corners of this labyrinth, often a common place in a large city like NY. These photographs can also be interpreted as a delicate emotional unveiling of a hidden cultural layering behind in the inner walls of the city.

Manuel Munive Maco


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Coco Martin
cocomartin New York, NY, USA

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