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Robin isn’t your typical digital artist. She’s a Digital Painter. Her most notable body of work (which came to life in 2004) is called, The Observation Series, and is a combination of donated X-rays and MRI’s and her own photography.

The Observation Series contains my emotions, my life’s experience, and my own personal spiritual journey is what drives this series. Every piece, whether it is consciously or subconsciously created, is an effort for me to find my own path through understanding and acceptance within myself and of the world. I’ve been overwhelmed by my viewers immediate connection and the emotional pull that continues to touch people from all walks of life and of every age group. Nevertheless, I encourage my viewers to take their own journey deep into the physical, psychological, and emotional underworld. I'm attempting to move people beyond the layers of skin and bone in order to visually explore our universal tendency to internalize the deeper emotions and longings that come with living life. It is my belief that when one is able to embrace both the beauty and the sorrows of one’s journey, they are then able to find understanding and peace. Perhaps, it is also a way to find one’s own spirituality, which seems to be easily lost. In any case, this series, for me, is about looking deep within one’s self and having the courage to see one’s truest form.


About the Author

Robin Rios
RobinMonique Chicago, IL,USA

Robin Monique Rios is a Chicago native and is the founder and director of 4Art Inc Gallery and Co-Curator at the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago.

Robin graduated with honors from the Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago with a Bachelors degree of Fine Arts in Visual Communications in June 2003. While attending the Institute, Robin found her passion in photography. After starting out with a 35mm camera, Robin soon delved into digital mediums. Using Photoshop like a painter uses canvas and a pallet of paint, Robin discovered the outlet through which she could be the most creative. She has since refined her digital imaging skills through the creation of many thought provoking 2D and 3D works.

Robin represents a dozen diverse artist and participates in the Zhou B Art Center's 3rd Friday Open Studio's from 6pm-10pm, 1029 W. 35th Street - Chicago 60609 / 773-254-5100

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