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When you at first give people power you must set a time line when you must reclaim that power. If you fail to retrieve what you lent, you will lose. What we did was give power to people who said that they had our best interest in their thoughts. They told us that they didn’t want the power given to them. They lied as all people do. Then the silent majority should have spoken up when we had the chance, yet we failed to so until it was too late. What are we to do? What can we do? Will we be able to reclaim that which we lent to them? Can we get what was stolen from us with out the blood shed of armed rebellion? I wish and pray for a peaceful solution but there are those who are tired of trying the peaceful means. There are those that believe that war is the only way to reclaim what was taken.
When we stay silent we relent. I know this now as I did then. Sadly when I spoke up it was too late. Now as an enemy of the state I can never sleep in the same bed two nights in a row until freedom is restored. The question is, will I live long enough to see our constitution restored? I do not know. I do know that when you gain something of value you must fight to keep and preserve it. Even if means the sacrifice of those who are close to you.
If you want to have freedom and to keep it you cannot let those who live to destroy it in the name of secular equality and then remain silent. If you want to keep liberty then you must stand up and shout out “NO MORE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” we the people of the United States must take control of those in the government that are out of control. Or we will loose what we cherish and for many what had given their ultimate sacrifice for.

Quentin I Schuller


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Dwight Gallaway
MissNya Moreno Valley, CA
Dwight Gallaway was born in Sacramento California on May 14, 1965. He grew up in Moreno Valley California, where he went to school at Armada Elementary, and later to Moreno Valley High school. As soon as he finished high school he signed up for the U.S. Army along with his best friend Therron Hubbell. He went to boot camp and trained as Military Police in Fort Polk Louisiana. Since then he was stationed in various places around the world, including Germany, Honduras and Ft. Irwin California. In the 90’s he came out of active duty Army and signed in for Army Reserve. While in the Army reserve, he worked as a Cable technician with the local cable company. On December 31, 2001 he married Ana Gallaway. Together they lived in Moreno Valley, close to his family. He is currently on his third deployment as an Army MP (Military Police), and hoping to retire soon.

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