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This book is an account of my trip to San Francisco with my sister, Becky, from July 5th to July 13th, 2011. I was actually there on a business trip. Becky -- a.k.a. "Ms Wasden" -- took advantage of the hotel room and explored the city while I was in workshops. We met up later and on my days off to do things together. Throughout the trip we texted each other, our new favorite form of communication. Altogether, it was a fantastic trip with some fantastic photos and conversations to show for it. All of that has been put together in this book.


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Russell Wasden

Amateur photographer and writer, Russell Wasden finds passion in exploring new cultures and countries. For the past eight years he has taught ESL and Japanese in public schools in New York City. Constantly searching to find the streets, alleys and pathways that have yet to be trodden by visitors and tourists, Russell firmly believes that the journey only begins when you see the world through "local eyes." Ultimately he would like to say that he has explored unknown streets and alleyways in all major countries and continents in the world.

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