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Plastic Life : cette série de photographies met en scène des personnages hyperréalistes et miniatures (hauteur de 2 cm), mêlés à des objets de notre quotidien. Photographiés en gros plan, la distance entre le regard du spectateur et la scène qu’il découvre est abolie : il entre de plein pieds dans un monde qui est étrangement identique et différent du sien. Chaque photographie s’offre ainsi comme un petit scénario, dans lequel la poésie, peut-être la dénonciation de quelques travers de notre époque et l’humour trouvent leur place.

Vincent Bousserez is seeing something that the rest of us are missing. It's a world apart, a miniature world in which tiny plastic characters engage with our everyday objects. They do similar, recognizable things in their world and, in doing so, they say something to us about what we are missing in ours. The images from Plastic Life are at times poetic, occasionally sweet, sometimes sardonic, and almost always humorous. In their contemplative view, they suggest not the plasticity of the figurines, but the plasticity of our frames of references.

Vincent has explained the genesis of this series, discovering by chance, an extraordinary models boutique, full of electric trains, beautiful locomotives, hundreds of tracks, small houses, miniatures and small plastic trees... and stacked in small boxes, hundreds of small figures, 2cm tall, characters in action: there is one who waits with his suitcase, a woman holding her scarf, a mother sitting on a bench, scouts lined up, a policeman managing a crime scene, a soldier back from war..."I immediately though that it would be interesting to get these people out of their artificial world and to bring them to "life" in ours.

"The first figure was a man who raised his arm, as if hailing a he is one of 200 characters that seem almost as a troup of actors,
here to bring to life my ideas. The gap between what we expect from them and what they actually (and where they do it) do allows space
for the humor, dreams, nostalgia. I make jokes about us...about our faults, our pretensions, and occasionally our arrogance.

"In fact, it is us who are very small, though we like to think we are very important."


About the Author

Vincent Bousserez
vbousserez Paris, France
Vincent Bousserez was born in 1973. He lives and works in Paris. Sensitive to the works of his godfather, the painter Michel Bousserez, Vincent was attracted at an early age to drawing and painting. Through studies both formal and informal, he worked to capture, in composition and light, a "decisive moment". Vincent's found time to create for himself in the hours left outside of his work as a graphic designer in the world of advertising, to which he matriculated after business school. His ability to find and create images that convey meaning led him to work as an artistic director at internationally recognized advertising firms. Vincent has become known internationally for his series Plastic Life, photographs of a miniature world in which characters reflect back to us in manipulated scale the minute absurdities and the small beauties of our larger life. Plastic Life and his new series of photographs have been exhibited and collected in France, Switzerland, GB and the USA.

Publish Date  August 28, 2011

Dimensions  Small Square  54 pgs Premium Paper, matte finish

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