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Priscilla Fontechia, Ms Pixie to those on her photography website Flickr, considers herself to be an "accidental" photographer. She says that she rarely goes out looking for photo opportunities; she is surrounded by nature and wildlife at her lake front home in Western Kentucky. There, she finds a multitude of subjects on which to focus her Canon S3 IS camera.

Sunsets over Lake Barkley, flowers, a variety of wild animals, birds, flowers and insects are images that are of interest to this transplanted Illinois city girl. Priscilla has only to look out the window to capture breathtaking sunsets and witness the changing seasons. Flowers, "the ones the deer and other critters don't eat," add brilliant color to her collection and are a draw for Hummingbirds and butterflies.

A myriad of wildlife seem to co-exist side
by side near and around Priscilla's home and provide her with great entertainment as well as subjects for her passion, photography.


About the Author

Priscilla Fontechia
mspixie Western Kentucky, U.S.A.
Priscilla Fontechia graduated suma cum laude from Rockford College with a BFA. Within a year of teaching, she was given the Outstanding Teacher of the District. When posting her student's art on an international website, Artsonia, she was honored with Teacher of the Month amongst 3,000 schools and from over 4,000. Priscilla posts work on the photography website Flickr and on a companion website featuring her 100 most interesting photographs. Priscilla Fontechia is a retired high school art teacher turned photographer. Her home on the shores of Lake Barkley provides a myriad of opportunities for the wildlife photography she so adores. Basically, the wildlife comes to her, including a skunk she has named Pepe le Pew who comes when called for the marshmallows she provides. She has documented over 50 species of birds in her yard including the Great Blue Heron and the Bald Eagle.

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jlondonace says

priscilla fontechia, aka... mspixi has has been a major discovery of "happenstance"...the unknown plan we colloquially refer to as an "accident"..there are no accidents,,,may be unidentified passages,,but..
exist links between instinct...risk...cognitive abstract ...powers...realize all sounds pretty complex...but,,,comes down to the fact that she is open to visualizing what "is" and what "may be" documented to catch that precise moment in/of time that we may never see again,,,her eyes and mind are open to what most of us sadly pass by,,,appreciation to priscilla is a "heart full feeling"...indeed she is a rarity who is able to catch "here and now"... others my forever peer through her eyes...all renewing her "present tense" forever...thank you from all of our hearts... .jeff london

posted at 04:38pm Jul 18 PST


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