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They abandoned me, I thought they loved me, I thought I brought them happiness.
Their faces used to light up every time they came to see me. They would reach inside and I would offer up all I had.
Then, one dark day, they changed.
The relationship turned sour.
I remained silent when they dragged me from the house, I knew words would be futile. I could wait. Revenge, as they say, is a dish is best served cold. I plan to choke them while they sleep.

A book and exhibition of conspicuous consumption.

Michael Craig spent the first three years of the new millennium obsessing about fridges. A minor law change, designed to protect the environment, resulted in the cessation of retailer take back scheme for refrigerators. This did nothing to slow the sales of new modern kitchen equipment. The old units, 90% of which were in full working order, were dumped on the streets. I started photographing these abandoned home appliances soon after the change in law. At first I needed to search for fridges. As the months past, the streets filled. local councils were caught completely by surprise. With nowhere to store these pavement squatters, they were left in situ. Some were cannibalised. Some were recycled into impromptu seating at bus stops. Some were used as much needed litter bins.

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