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Benjamin is an amazing young man. At 23 he's an artist himself, and a writer. He has a very zen quality about him. He possesses both an inner and a very obvious outer beauty!

I was the first photographer to work with Benjamin and it was a wonderful experience! Based on these images he was booked for a centerfold shoot with Playgirl Magazine - a star is born! However, that wasn't in his plans - modeling was just for fun for him. Almost as quickly as he arrived on the scene, he dropped out again.

I was very lucky that we hung out and worked together 3 times - each time was a blast. We covered the gambit in locations and styles, from rough urban warehouse and train yards to a swimming pool, sports gear, and studio work. He shined in every way! I still hear from him occasionally, and am very flattered that he considers our work together to have been his best!

Enjoy this book of the very sexy centerfold, Benjamin!


About the Author

Mark Grantham
MarkGrantham California, USA

Photography is my art, and one branch of that art is working with the male physique. The shapes, contours, tones, and textures. A sculptural element. How light plays across a muscle, or reflects in the hair. A glint in the eye. A playful moment. How the figure relates to, or contrasts with, the surroundings. The mimicking of shapes. The strength of man mirrored in the environment - the relationships that are captured. A moment in time. A sexy moment in time...

I've been lucky... my work has captured some attention recently. There have been a couple of exhibits, inclusion is several anthology photography books, and even a few Magazine covers.

Don't get me wrong - I love that attention, but it's not why I create. I create for me, and for the models. I create to push myself - to think about things differently, to see things in a new light.

And now I am creating for you - I hope you enjoy this look into my world!

Publish Date  May 17, 2008

Dimensions  Small Square  46 pgs Premium Paper, matte finish

Category  Fine Art Photography

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ChrisMTH says

Good job to you both, Mark and Benjamin, I love the B/W on the first 3 pages alot.

posted at 11:42am Aug 06 PST

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