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Windows Of The Soul is about eyes. They reveal so much inner truth. When I first arrived in Haiti in 2006, it was difficult to absorb the total visual and overall impact of the unacceptable living conditions average Haitians endure every day. I felt like I went back 100 years in time. The extreme poverty overwhelmed my senses. It was only after I returned home that I realized how powerful and revealing my video footage and photographs were and how much I admired the Haitian people for their inner and outer beauty and their will to survive. This book features some of the people I came in contact with during my two short visits.

My book is not an historical account of the Hailtian people nor is it about the earthquake and the devastation that followed. It is my personal depiction of the resiliency and strength of the people I met and grew to respect, and from whom I have learned so much.
What my overwhelmed senses at the time could not immediately grasp, the camera captured...the deplorable living conditions and especially the eyes of the children...for the camera never hides the truth.
It is my hope that the artwork in this book conveys my passion for this unfortunate but proud nation, a nation that for the most part remains so removed and out of place with the rest of the world.


About the Author

bob salo
bsvc Burlington Ontario Canada
In my travels around the world I am always on the lookout for interesting subject matter. As a professional videographer, cameraman and a graphic design graduate of the Ontario College Of Art In Toronto Ontario, I have acquired a large of amount of visual elements that I can later combine and use in interesting ways to express what I felt at the time I captured that perfect moment with my camera. I enjoy searching for new material and can't wait to get back home to explore the new potential that computer technology has brought to creative expression.. All my work is original throughout the combined medias I use and completely hand painted and executed by use of the electronic pen and a wacom tablet. The incredible brushes that can be assigned to this pen can simulate the painting feel and action of watercolor, oils, pastels, you name it but the expression itself is still in the control of the hand and the eye of the creator for the enjoyment of the beholder.

Comments (3)


chesterb says

This is a brilliant piece of work, Bob. It is refreshing to see something presented that is out of the ordinary, at this level of excellence.

posted at 12:19pm Sep 08 PST


GwynNewcombe says

Mr. Salo's art captures the struggles of the Haitian people in a moving, passionate, and beautiful manner. I have no doubt that the book will touch the hearts of it's readers.

posted at 12:00pm Sep 08 PST


artistmarlee says

this artist extraordinaire invites us on his incredible journey...what a special opportunity!

posted at 07:58am Sep 08 PST

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