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Photography is a time machine - it makes recordings of light at a moment frozen in time and space. Looking at a photograph transports you back to a place where you see a resemblance of what the photographer saw when the picture was made.

The photographs in Spectral Visions are recorded in infrared light, a part of the light spectrum not visible to humans. Just like visible-light photographs, these images are recordings of a frozen moment. But unlike normal photography, the representations here were unseen when the images were made; they are only visible as photographs.


About the Author

Harlan Crowder
hpcrowder Sunnyvale, California, USA

I started making photographs when I was growing up in Dallas. My earliest recognition was a Boy Scout Merit Badge in photography. My later training and education in computer science and applied mathematics spurred an interest in digital photography and imaging. My photographs have appeared in a number of venues in Northern California, including the Palo Alto Art Center, Foothill College, Berkeley Art Center, Costal Art League, Sanchez Art Center, the Sierra Club, Filoli Center, and PhotoCentral.

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tensleep2 says

i love it too.

posted at 03:48pm Aug 27 PST


scottland says

This is one of the most unusual books I've seen.....very beautiful images...if I had seen it earlier I would have voted your book.

posted at 06:17pm Aug 17 PST

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