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Flowering Tulips is a book that depicts an aspect of Love and Beauty portrayed through Tulips; representing the flowering of human consciousness and the nude female form; representing the unique expression of Life. It is accompanied by several sonnets that speak about the same aspects of Life, Love and Beauty.


About the Author

Barbara Myriam Ventura
myva Coral Springs, FL - USA

Barbara started her artistic journey with studies in oil painting followed by Graphic Arts. She then worked as a graphic artist and airbrush illustrator.

Arriving in this country she continued working in Graphic Arts while pursuing her passion as a spiritual teacher. She also started studies in Digital Photography and Digital Imaging reviving what had been part of her early years as a Photographer.

In recent years, Barbara has been traveling the world capturing images, or what she would call “eternal moments” identifying with Nature as an integral part of her essence and being. Her work reflects the powerful timeless inspirations that transcend the concepts of duality that separate the “artist and his art”. For Barbara, there is a moment of artistic expression when artist and art-form are one and the same. In those rare moments, the expression of life being is captured within the image, and the result to the enlightened eye is a profound sharing of the experience of that Life.

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jahartford says

Flowers are pretty and we've all seen tons of pictures of them. You have never seen them like this though! Barbara has truly changed the way you will look at tulips from now on! These are gorgeous images with surprises throughout. Sensuality and beauty combine to create this book that I am sure you will enjoy!

posted at 01:25pm Jul 26 PST

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