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December the 14th 2009, Silvio Berlusconi holds a speech at Piazza Duomo, Milan.

In front of him a few hundreds people, most of them belonging to the third or fourth age. They are, literally crazy about him, transfixed, hanging on his lips, mouthing his words. They are here to fight for his ideas and protect him from his enemies.
They consider him a handsome, intelligent and rich man, it is not so strange if he is surrounded by a harem young, pretty women.

Their behaviour and words are the ones of a groupie at a rock event. They trust and support him, everything he says.  
He incarnates the myth of the leader in the form of conducator, reaffirming his power to the plebes by exposing his private life, his body and virile attitudes.

Is it the result of the past 20 years Berlusconi's political and marketing efforts in ruling Italy?

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