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The Antipodean method.
This is a new form of prose developed employing a stream of consciousness and surrealist technique. It’s a type of unadulterated and unexpurgated aesthetic expression evolving from the deeper recesses. Delving deep into the artists subconscious to the epicentre of the mind elucidating the deranged and the beatific.
Total will and ego transcendence, all ethics aside; art needs not these. Forget ideals and society taboos, this is a from of unmetered expression where no subject is off limits. This is the new amalgamation of autonomous spontaneous creativity.
The artist grabs what he can from the depths of the subconsciousness and explores the antipodes of the mind. Predicating the prudent and the wicked, the esoteric and the unambiguous, the poems of night and day. As the Manichean philosophy states a dualistic worldviews, so do we. Light and darkness, heaven and hell. Let go of all worldly matters.
These are the observations of a dying world interpreted thusly. These words aren’t new; you’ve seen them all before. I have just arranged them accordingly, for your entertainment (and mine). Please hold your judgment aside as I am now the judger.
Before you criticize please read them carefully.
These poems were writ over a few years 09,10,11, regarding myriad context and content. Deeply influenced by the likes of Rimbaud and the absinthe poets, for which my love for them is perpetual. These poems are of the perspective of a teenage Australian vagabond. They do not talk of the bush or sunburnt plains or argue the existence of god but strive to represent myself in a country among many countries all connected by a few universal truths after all….
My early sketches were writ some years ago during my schooling days. Although stated as a response to paranoia, many emotions are told through these scraps of poems and thoughts.
Alas my short stories touch on subjects such as vulgar and the absurd, dreams andnirvana, sadism and the dystopian future, Greek mythology and invocations. I assure you my intentions were far greater than one imagines. I must state though, to fully apprehend and penetrate the form, style and subject matter one must first be aware of the writings of William S Burroughs namely The Naked Lunch. This was an extremely important influence into the conception and birth of Love and the demonic psyche.
Mine are the confessions of a lunatic shaken by glimpses of another world. Love and the demonic psyche are the reporting’s of these findings.


About the Author

William Bradbury

Living, Loving, Future, Voodoo magic, Poetry, Rimbaud, Symbolism, Absinthe, Thoreau, Baudelaire, Wilde, Kesey, Burroughs, Love and the Demonic Psyche, Verlaine, Kerouac, Led Zeppelin, Ginsberg, Gus van Sant, Thomas.

Publish Date  September 09, 2011

Dimensions  Trade  118 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Poetry

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