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Two Copper Pennies follows that September day, with the family life and hardships of one man. My Great-Grandfather, Andrew Thomas Lyon, an Irish immigrant. Along with his bride, a Cherokee maiden, Martha Delphenia Owen, my Great-Grandmother.
They staked their claim, traveled by wagon, and built a dug-out, or soddie.
Nora, my Grand-mother, born 1897, was 4 at the time. The many tales of Nora's adventures have been passed to me. Including the story of the long leather change purse, and the pennies that she wanted so badly.
People faced hard ways, had strong dreams, and built strong families. They worked together, only looking forward to the future. Floods, wild animals, nature, unpleasant neighbors, rodents, and snakes, were common.


About the Author

Rebecca Zavilla
mustanglove Bixby, Oklahoma, 74008

I am a devoted mother and wife. I also own and operate a horse training / boarding facility. I teach lessons to beginners, and am also involved in Equine Assisted Therapy.

I think that the little images in my mind have finally escaped, and they are on paper for the world to see. My mother wished for her genealogy to be recorded, and her family treasure to be in story form.
The characters, some real, and most imagined, have given to me a vivid depiction of what my family may have been like in the old days. Some of the other sneaky little characters have emerged into a series of childrens books, On The Farm.

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