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An intimate photo record of life in villages of the Konyak people in Nagaland, North East India in 2009.

We were allowed to view village life, including the ceremony and feast as the roof of the village long house was replaced ( a once in every 10 year cycle). The King of one village proudly showed us the skulls of those whose heads the warriors of his village had taken not so long ago. The old men, with their face tattoos (formerly a sign they had taken heads) explained what life was like.

The society , under pressure from both population increase and education of its young outside the confines of the village, is in the process of transition as the old ways of generations past vanishes for ever.

Another book in the "Scenes from..." series (Chile and Patagonia, Seville and Cordoba, Ethiopia, Mongolia, Old Cairo, New Zealand).


About the Author

Jonathan Hood
jonahood U.K.
Enthusiastic traveller, diver and amateur photographer

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