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This book was so much fun to create, starting with the process of selecting the recipes to include.

Mom collects recipes from everywhere and loves to go through them, remembering how great they were, or how delicious they would be ... IF she decided to make them.

My daughter, Kristi, and I were visiting and decided to spend some quality time with Mom and "enjoy" some of her recipes together. It occurred to me that we could put her favorites into a book, but the problem was slimming down the collection (she has hundreds).

We decided to narrow down to only ones that she's prepared - her favorites.

The thought of copying them over was just too daunting, so I thought of scanning them "as is", which also added a personal touch. Most are on scratch paper, note pads or stationery from someone she knew or met at a party, which I think adds to the fun.

The recipes are all good and the book is a unique reflection of her and her style of cooking - simple, tasty and worth repeating.


About the Author

R. Randall Schroeder
randysch San Francisco, CA
Production is my life. I have been a producer since 1988, which includes owning a television production company and producing television programs for ABC, being one of the founders of two Web companies, and a music licensing company - Musync, as well as being a multimedia producer at Bluewave Communications. My passions include unique, fun, upbeat music, interesting photographic images, memorable movies, clever jokes, modern fashion, unique fragrances, traveling to Europe, great food, creative, open-minded people, new technology, geeky science stuff, train trips, factory tours, metaphysics, tasty red wine, luxury travel and hanging out at a few favorite spots here in San Francisco and abroad. Some of my favorite things has lead me to photo books, a meditation book the music licensing book (co-written by Seb Jarakian), and a few blogs, just for fun. I love working on all my projects and never seem to tire of creating new and fun things to do, which I LOVE to share with others.

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