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A Personal Experience:

My first encounter with a Joshua tree left me captivated. The uniqueness of each individual tree decorating the south end of the Mojave Desert expressed a creative and regal shape, drawing me quickly in to their majestic splendor. The branches, some twisting and turning with a common goal to reach for the sky, showed their strength, beauty, and determination to shine, exhibiting an eagerness to debut their early spring-time blossoms.

The trees, blooming only during years when there has been good precipitation, showed off the bell-shaped creamy yellowish-white blooms, making me feel as though I was witness to a special moment in their lives.

The parks magnificent boulders changing colors as the sun changed positions in the sky; it was like watching a concert of colors performed just for me.

There is a very tranquil, peaceful and serene feel in the Joshua Tree National Park; one that truly makes you mindful, taking notice of life, self-awareness and reflection.

Diana Raquel Sainz
La Costa, California
September 2011


About the Author

Diana Sainz
diduski La Costa, California

The ability to share what I see through the camera lens, capturing memories frame by frame, the reality of life, taking people to places they have never been, bringing loved ones together, the very essence of innocence on a child's face, or the excitement and happiness one experiences during a victorious event, has been one of my greatest passions in life.

I was born in Madrid Spain to a very musically talented father, Alfonso Sainz one of the co- leaders of one of Spain's most popular bands in the 1960's and 1970's, Los Pekenikes, and a very artistic mother from Florida. I have managed to obtain their artistic abilities but express them through photography.

My children have followed in my footsteps and have been an inspiration to much of what I do. Their encouragement to pursue my dream has given me the freedom to put my heart in soul into a passion I love.

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