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Don't Eat So Dang Much Food! is a lifestyle guide for“regular” men and women who are overweight, a guide to a different way to think about eating - particularly for people who LOVE food. It’s also a common sense handbook for reprioritizing several aspects of your life to make sure the changes you make will “stick” and you won’t return to the same old bad eating and lifestyle habits just a few months after you lose weight.

Follow the program and make small, consistent changes in your diet and your approach to eating. You’ll see results and you’ll be motivated to accomplish more. People will start to notice and you’ll be inspired to make even greater changes. You’ll buy a new wardrobe, you’ll look fantastic, and you’ll discover there is no limit to what you may accomplish.

No Special Food to Buy!
No Meetings to Attend!
No Monthly Payments!
No Point Counting!
Not Your Typical Diet!


About the Author

Alan Barrington

Alan Barrington is an author, a businessman, a professional speaker, a foodie, a biker, a father and grandfather, musician, sports fan, author, and certified church kid. He's been featured on the Today Show, Sally Jesse Raphael, The 700 Club, People Magazine, the CBS Evening News, 20/20, American Journal, and the Shawn Hannity Show. Alan's books are read by parents who are ready to teach their children "The Truth About Santa Claus", by people called to ministry within all walks of life through "Here Am I, Send Me!", and now he shares the secret of how he lost 50 pounds, and has kept the weight off for years with "Don't Eat So Dang Much Food!"

Publish Date  September 18, 2011

Dimensions  Pocket  130 pgs   Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Self-Improvement

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