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This Very Special 1yr Anniversary Edition of “LOve: Volume 1 Poems & Inspiration” It Has a Very Unique Design, a Few Special Features, & Quite a Few Surprise' & It Will Be Offered For a Limited Time Only!!! "LOve Volume 1: Poems & Inspiration" Is the Very 1st Book Of Poetry in a 5 Volume Series, So Please Be on the Lookout for the Next 4 Volumes as well. I wrote this Book as well as the others in hopes that it will inspire you to Believe in LOve Once Again. & to Encourage our Women to see their own "True Worth" Physically, Mentally, & Spiritually to help them know that settling in Life & in LOve isn't EVER the answer to things, nor does it have to be the END to Life & LOve as We Know it... LOve isn't about settling for being a Baby Mama, or a Sex Object to anyone until their ready for more with someone else, in fact that has nothing at all to do with LOve... There are still GOOD MEN left in the World, but you can’t waste all your Time, Effort, & Energy Loving The Wrong Type Of Man & then Blame your failures on LOve, or Blame a GOOD MAN when he finally approaches you. Then when a Great Man is right in front of you often times some of those same women refuse to even try with him, because you’re so guarded, not even giving him half of what he deserves, or any of what you Willingly sacrificed & Devoted to someone who wasn’t even worthy of the smallest things from, Please Remember that you have to give your all to receive the best in Life & LOve just be sure to give it to some willing to sacrifice Their ALL for you from Day 1! WOMEN have 2 Remember that they are "True Queens" & can be Successful in every Aspect of Their Own Lives if they work hard to be that & keep Positive & Supportive people around to motivate you to Become Who You Were always Meant 2 Be! The book is also meant to Uplift Men & remind them to be "REAL MEN" again, Great Fathers, Providers, & Role Models to young Boys & Girls in our own Communities, as well as in our Families! I Hope that the Book will restore some sort of Faith In LOve & in GOD Once again, because it features Poems about GOD & our relationships with Him, Romance & Erotica, Uplifting/Encouraging Women & Men, Rebuilding Families & Society, Silly Poems, Life Experiences, & So Much More... I Promise that You Will LOve It!!!
~Deon Is PreDes10dByGOd™


About the Author

D. Michael Granger Productions Ltd.
DeonMichael1 Chicago, Illinois
I have always been out-spoken, extremely silly, & unconditionally loving towards people, even when my motives were misunderstood. I began playing musical Instruments at the age of 6 & singing was something I grew up in & around constantly, whether in church or thru my Grandparents/Parents & their LOve of all types of music from Gospel to Jazz, Funk and R&B, Calypso, Big Band, Classical, Opera, the Blues, Country, & so much more, So it was only a natural progression that I began to write music myself, because it has been in me since birth. I began writing music & poetry at age 12 because I didn’t know how to verbally express what it was I was really feeling at that age, well maybe I did but I was somewhat afraid to actually express that because I wasn’t an adult & felt it wasn’t often times the best thing to do outside of my own Home where that was openly accepted to always be expressive! I developed a knack for expressing things musically & verbally in a way that relates intimately

Publish Date  September 22, 2011

Dimensions  Standard Landscape  74 pgs Standard Paper

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