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That first snow of the season can be so magical. It transforms the urban landscape into a winter wonderland of beauty, which conveys a sense of mystery and wonder.

Here is New York City's Central Park in all its winter-wonderland beauty.


About the Author

Santi Acosta / Lee Stump
stumpnyc Las Vegas, NV
Capturing the essence of a scene in a single instant, that which emerges @ the moment of conception, is what I find most rewarding. The challenge is not in depicting the forms but in recognizing the totality of the image. Magically infusing power into small incidents. Transforming everyday objects and moments into memorable icons. My interests are in exposing the inner-city spaces we inhabit. These Urban Landscape images transform into opportunities for formal, aesthetic, and social invention, blurring the sharp contours of fact and fiction, image and reality. To unite, when possible, the compositional rigor of documentary photography with the magic of Romanticism. Lee and I have been working together for many years, not only as a creative partnership, but a life-long one as well. We invite you to examine our books, write opinions, and appreciatively purchase a few. We will be uploading new titles of our artography as time goes on. Please come back and visit us again.

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Flyboy95229 says

Its soothing and peaceful - its rare that anyone has the chance to see NYC so devoid of people. How Mr Acosta manages co capture Manhattan without a soul in sight is beyond me. I manage 3 mere approximations of his stills, New Years Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day - three chances a year when the NYC population drops to a level where you at times can take in the majestic grandiuer of one of the planets most interesting places without the clutter and noise of the human presence - well done indeed - TPO

posted at 11:27am Nov 28 PST


lillystar1 says

just received First Snow, not only did it come earlier than scheduled (to my delight) but the book is even better in person; I bought the book as a gift, but now plan to bu a copy for myself, for I found that giving up the book was not easy. I definitley want this book on my coffee table with winter just around the corner, and the holidays in view. Can't wait to see what else Santi and Lee have in store for us.Looking forward to a Christmas one.

posted at 09:22am Oct 10 PST


MsMtnBkr says

There is nothing more magical & joyful than experiencing that first snowfall in NYC/Central Park. Nothing else in nature captivates me as much as watching the snow falling all around me. Everything becomes so still and serene in the middle of a snow storm. Blankets of white transforming our cement jungle into a winter wonderland.

Santi Acosta and Lee Stump have captured the beauty and essence of this overwhelming feeling one experiences when standing in the middle of a snow fall in Central Park. Never before have I viewed such magnificent photos of the most visited park in the world, Each photograph more enchanting than the last.

Splendid work!

posted at 03:31pm Oct 01 PST


Frankster says

Take a tour through "First Snow" and you'll soon realize the team of Santi Acosta and Lee Stump are brilliant photographers AND excellent designers.

Every picture in "First Snow" is made in overcast conditions, so the team wisely made most of them black-and-white. With illuminating, minimalist text, you're given just enough information to fully enjoy each photographic creation.

I'm not sure Central Park - the focus of "First Snow" - has ever looked so good in a photography book.

posted at 10:33pm Sep 30 PST

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