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Signs of cities: Tel-Aviv, road of Ariel to Jerusalem
Israel 60 for 60 book pages with 6x7 medium format camera in 3 days of shooting

Israel is 60,
Not a day goes by without a new items, a polemic, a dramatic event covering the State of Israel, its actions, purposes, and its chaotic relationship with its surroundings.
We are all familiar, or at least believe to be familiar, with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, images of terror, soldiers, unabated violence and firing passions.
Yannick Verdier-Monségur takes us away from the cliché, and, maybe here lies his greatest achievement, to a journey in the urban landscapes of the old/new country, with his inimitable, exceptionally sensitive and talented vision.
The French photographer brings us closer to the inherent beauty of the ordinary in those contested lands, and allows us to see something common, deeply ingrained in the life of all human beings.
Through these photographs, one rediscovers a landscape thought familiar, and even the banal takes a new
dimension, in turn lyric, mysterious or simply of an insolent and previously unseen beauty.
Yannick Verdier-Monsegur, through the lens of his medium format camera, becomes an enabler of this beauty, at the price of an implacable honesty of one with oneself.

Guedalia t. Laskart


About the Author

yannick verdier monsegur
yannickvm paris france
Yannick Verdier Monsegur Art & Fashion photographer based in Paris, for more info Biographie Born in 1973 in Mont-de-Marsan, France After training in photography, Yannick Verdier Monsegur conducts training in photo services, including Hachette Filipacchi, then worked as an assistant photo studio. In 1998, he moved to Tokyo to be photographer in photopress agency. His many field experiments allow today to work actively with France and Asia. After a career in the world of media and illustration, he turned to fashion photography. He discovers a world particularly conducive to the expression of his creativity. Meanwhile, he continues to develop an artistic mingling various photographic approaches: black and white and color
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